Source: HiSense
Source: HiSense

A 10,000mAh phone from a TV maker

HiSense brings high power

Known more for TV’s, HiSense dables in phones – its King Kong series is based on cheap handsets with long battery life. Today, the latest model has been released, using the same trick as its predecessor to reach the total capacity of over 10,000mAh.

Image of the HiSense King Kong Phone

Image Source: HiSense

The HiSense King Kong 6 has a built-in 5,510mAh battery and comes with a tailor-made battery case that adds another 4,500mAh, taking us to the 10,010mAh advertised power. The case uses pogo pins to supply power on the back of the phone.

The smartphone has a 720p+ resolution 6.52 “screen. The chipset is unclear, but two versions will be available – one with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and the other up to 6GB of RAM.

No word on price but could range between their usual $300 to $600 range.


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