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A Rising Leader In Real Estate, Bradley Dryburgh Expands On Success With ‘The Bradley J Dryburgh Experience’

"The Bradley J Dryburgh Experience" launches this month on February 13th.

New to Real Estate, Bradley Dryburgh has been a rising, successful agent since getting in the industry at 20 years of age.

The now 23 year old always had a passion for the business and love for talking to people and building relationships.

So, it just made sense for Bradley to get into real estate.

He spent his first year working in Wollongong, before moving to Melbourne to gain quality experience from some of the best in the state. Then would later move back to Wollongong to be close to family.

Credit: @bradleyjdryburgh Instagram

With the belief and standard in always believing doing right by his customer, he continues to grow his profile and gaining loyal customers from his commitment and authenticity.

People may (wrongly) think a certain way about his casual attire and cool tattoos. But, as the saying goes, “never judge a book by it’s cover”. As Bradley’s professionalism consistently shines through with his honest approach to business.

Whilst continuing his rise in real estate, Bradley is now expanding his profile in 2020 by starting his own podcast, “The Bradley J Dryburgh Experience” launching this month on February 13th. Where you will be able to find it on Spotify, YouTube, and everywhere else that you find your podcasts.

Credit: @bradleyjdryburgh Instagram

The “Bradley J Dryburgh Experience” will be entertaining listen to add to your podcast feed. As you will hear interesting guests open up and share their stories in the hope of inspiring others.

Bradley has a great story himself. A man who had a dream, put the work in and achieved it. It’s hard not to respect what he’s done and continues to do.

Committed to get the best for his clients, determined for success and authentic in his approach, there’s no doubt he has a great career ahead of him. Along with the podcast on the way, 2020 shapes as huge year for Bradley Dryburgh.

Checkout Bradley Dryburgh’s real estate profile below.



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