Argentina v Japan | Group Stage 2019

FIFA Women's World Cup | Parc des Princes

Argentina enjoys a historical time: its first point in the history of the Women’s World Cup. They struggled for it and required all the energy and concentration they had–the task has been fulfilled. There is plenty to compliment the defense, but there is also plenty of job to do. It’s a time to celebrate, though. Nonetheless.

“We don’t set out to be defensive against any team. Of course we have to keep a very solid defence but we don’t want to play defensive football. It wasn’t in our mindset at all. But the players were cautious today. In the second half, they realised they had to be more offensive – so their tempo was faster and they attempted more shots at goal. However, we weren’t good enough to break down Argentina’s defence today.”
– Asako Takakura, Japan coach

A first point for Los Albiceleste is a smooth book from the South American Women’s World Cup. A historical success for the 2019 class.

“On the pitch it was a very difficult match. We had to run a lot, and we were up against a real worldwide football force – the Japanese team – so we had to be really intelligent about things and fully concentrated at all times. We had to run all the time, be focused all the time because we were facing a team that – in terms of their gameplay – were superior to us.”
– Estefania Banini, Visa Player of the Match

After they have taken the first place in the women’s world cup-at the seventh moment in question-Argentina is leaving the French capital eagerly. They stood firmly against a Japanese side that did not actually extend the background of Argentina. Further hard exams are waiting for Los Albiceleste and Asako Takakura hopes to return to his campaign. If you want to achieve a record third consecutive World Cup final, you will need to achieve significantly better performance.

“This point is really important for us. I think we’re able to reflect upon what Argentina is and what it tmeans as a team. We’ve till got two teams to face and they’re going to be really competitive. We have to play really intelligent, compact football and become a really compact team and I think that we can progress. I think that this team can make up for this gap that there is between us with our attitude. We believe that we can continue fighting and we can get more points on board, and not go home with just one.”
– Estefania Banini, Argentina captain

Image: Kane Oosty / FIFA