Brazil v Jamaica | Group Stage 2019

FIFA Women's World Cup | Stade des Alpes

The first half of Brazil’s supporters ought to be happy. A Selecao restricted their own errors and was able to specify the match speed.

But Jamaica ultimately discovered its rhythm, and was retained by the superb save of Schneider. Jamaica began a lot on her head. But the Girlz still have to discover their defensive equilibrium and the link with the offense. The key is to be disciplined even if it is a objective.

It was an amazing beginning for Brazil. Cristiane would get the headlines, but victory was also thankful to the creation of Andressa. Had it not been for Sydney Schneider, who was exceptional, repelled a penalty and saved many more important elements, Brazil would have had more. Khadija Shaw was also a steady threat to Brazil and lived up to her hype.

“Obviously we’ve got to get after them now. We feel we can get some points out of this game. We have to be better organised at the back and exploit them on the counter. I don’t think they’re very good at the back.”
– Hue Menzies, Jamaica coach, at half-time

The Reggae Girlz leave a disappointing game for Jamaica. They were confident about the match, but Brazilians ‘ experience with Cristiane and Formiga beat them. They never lost a World Cup opener before in their history. They moved positively forward with the Shaw, Carter and Matthews trio, but fought in the middle of the park and could not sustain defense discipline. The Brazilian attack was susceptible to their correct flank. As such, the defensive third may well crumble. It is back to the drawing board to secure a victory in their next match.

Brazil ends a succession of nine losses and avoids a defeat in nearly a year.

Image: Kane Oosty/FIFA