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Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay

[image src=’’ width=’200′ height=’300′ title=” align=’left’]Are you ready for the next generation of Dragon Age?

We are coming up to the release of the upcoming game Dragon Age: Inquisition which is November 18th.
Full of many new features like a completely new combat and graphics system as well as a massive open world to explore with many followers to choose from each with their own backgrounds and abilities. Dragon Age: Inquisition will be one of the first massive open worlds to arrive on next generation consoles.
Bioware have stepped up the combat and tactics with real time ordering of followers to do specific tasks to get the advantage over each unique enemy. There will be a variety of biomes and different settings for you to explore and encounter large monsters to battle with exclusive to each type of terrain setting.
Players will be able to customise their skills, weapons and character design just like previous Dragon Age games. Enemies will use similar weapon skills and set up traps while you explore to keep you far away from their base, when you capture a territory you will find allies patrolling the roads and offering assistance and side quests.
[image src=’’ width=’200′ height=’300′ title=” align=’right’]Making allies is key in this game as you will be given optional responses in conversations to try and befriend many people onto your side but if you choose wrong you may make enemies instead.

Each choice changes the game.

You will have the chance to create strongholds and outposts in the world to help keep territories safe and make some gold at the same time. There will be plenty of merchants and traders around the different towns offering weapon mods, potions and did someone say enchantments?

Play online for the first time in Dragon Age.

Multiplayer mode allows players to join up to 4 friends in a co-op mode to take on difficult beasts, dangerous encounters and waves of enemies, you will be able to select up to 12 unique characters and if you succeed you will be greatly rewarded with loot.

Just like previous Dragon Age games you will be able to choose between gender, one of four races, and three distinct classes. Each with a massive skill tree of abilities which unlocks as you level up.

The four races:

    • Dwarves

Dwarves are short, stocky, and most spend their entire lives underground. Those living in exile on the surface are commonly merchants or smugglers. Because dwarves have no connection to the Fade, they cannot be mages, but receive a 25% bonus to Magic Defense.

    • Elves

Elves are a historically oppressed people, distinguishable by their lithe frames and pointed ears. Though most survive in the poorest fringes of human cities, others live as nomads known as the Dalish. Elves receive a bonus of 25% to Ranged Defense.

    • Humans

Humans are the most numerous and powerful race in Thedas. They are also the most divided politically and seem to thirst for conflict. Human characters receive a bonus ability point at the start of the game.

    • Qunari

The Qunari are a race of horned giants who follow a strict religious text known as the Qun. Those who have abandoned its principles are known as Tal-Vashoth and often work as mercenaries. Qunari characters receive a bonus of 10% to melee defense.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Part 2

Customise your character like never before.

[image src=’’ width=’200′ height=’300′ title=” align=’left’]Players will be able to go into great detail customising their appearance with a very in depth customisation tool when you first begin the game which offers precise sliders to get the exact look on each feature you want.
After that you can deck out your arsenal and get stronger armour the more you progress so in the end you can be assured you will look like a true hero, Not only can you look the part but you can sound like a hero now too with new voices to choose from.
Your followers will also be able to get geared up to help them last longer and fight off powerful foes by themselves. There will be both new followers and returning followers from previous Dragon Age games such as Leliana and Morrigan.

Romance with a price.

Each follower has a romantic side to them and the choices you make may impact their relationship with you, Your party responds differently to each response you make when talking with someone or which action you decide to take when making decisions in quests.
The tricky part is every follower is affected in various ways so you may become closer with one follower but you will become distant with another of the opposite personality.
[image src=’’ width=’200′ height=’300′ title=” align=’right’]For example if you are trying to gain a closer relationship with an evil character, doing evil deeds and making evil choices will make them become closer with you while losing relationship with your other good hearted followers.

Each choice has consequences.

Together with dungeons and exploring the world, doing quests and fighting powerful enemies there will be a number of ways to obtain plenty of gold to spend around the world but if you want to go the easy way you can always choose to pay for Platnium currency which is an in-game purchase to let you quickly obtain your items more quickly saving you hours of dungeon crawling and battles.
Crafting is a big part of the game and the items you obtain throughout the world can be crafted into useful tools and accessories for your character, the more skill your character or follower has in crafting the more powerful items you can create to give you an advantage coming into battle.
To make things even easier for you, Bioware is releasing an app called Inquisition HQ which you can download onto your smart phone to manage inventory, salvage junk items into crafting material and create load outs.

Customise your character and select your voice

What will your Inquisitor look like?

Dragon Age: Inquisition launches November 18th for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Pre-Order your epic journey now!

Click here to go to their website and pre-order now.
Bioware makes full use of their latest game engine Frostbite 3. When Dragon Age: Inquisition launches on November 18, players will once again explore the land of Thedas to craft their own, personal adventures.
As the Inquisitor, you must lead an ancient organization and put an end to the ongoing war between the mages and templars, as well as seal off numerous rifts that link the physical realm to the demonic Fade. 
Inquisition promises to be a gripping adventure, featuring a massive world to explore, deep choice-driven storytelling, and awesome strategic RPG combat.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Official Trailer

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  • Stainless
    19 October 2014 at 4:39 PM

    Such an exciting game, i’d get it for the envionment alone

  • specialMAX-dn
    19 October 2014 at 4:45 PM

    Looking good! Should see some good LET’S PLAYs from this

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    19 October 2014 at 4:50 PM

    I can see this becoming the next big gaming addiction – time will tell. Looks like a very well made atmosphere oriented game.

  • Oh Snowski
    22 October 2014 at 2:54 PM

    Seriously!!! This looks like all that I needed from Skyrim that I didn’t get. Different perfect geographical regions to investigate, with a wide mixed bag of situations. Captivating, advancing battle that is really fun and testing. An extraordinary cast of characters and stories.
    What’s more above all: ridiculous son-of-a-bitch sized dragons that can spawn everywhere.

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