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Dreaded Greatness: John Reubel

Fighting out of Harlem, New York, John Reubel is a young, upcoming talent with a ton of potential. With a great work ethic and willingness to learn, John will only get better and soon will be a well known name around the indy circuit.

A fan of professional wrestling since the age of three. It was Stone Cold Steve Austin who inspired him to wanting to become a professional wrestler. Earlier this year, he began the pursuit of his dream and began training by legendary wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz.

Having so much respect for current WWE superstar Seth Rollins, a goal of John’s is to one day be able to compete and have a match with Seth. Hell bent on changing the mindset of people using the word “fake” as well as the fans and people who dont understand the pain that our bodies go through just for you and for the love of this sport. John is a guy who puts the work in and trains hard to make sure he is at the top of his game like every other athlete in professional wrestling.

Having a positive attitude towards wrestling and wanting to constantly learn more. He uses has the great mindset of knowing that, you have to chase the knowledge because it’s just as important as the dream.

He shows respect to all and makes sure that he improves after every match he has. John has learnt so much in his short time in the business so far, including ring psychology by watching Al Snow training seminar videos. As well as, learning a lot from WWE Network specials like WWE 24 documentaries and Legends of Wrestling. With the unlimited knowledge that can be learnt from different program such on the WWE Network, it has been a great tool for John as he progresses in his career and getting to know how to be professional not only in the ring but outside of it as well.

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John’s favourite match of his career so far:

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