England v Argentina | Group Stage 2019

FIFA Women's World Cup | Stade Océane

Phil Neville’s side has got the three points, but they were extremely precious-the last 16 for England to seal a place. The Lionesses and Vanina Correa, who played an exceptional match, looked like it would become one of the evenings. The Albiceleste’s keeper held Parris ‘ first-half fine before she saw her named Visa Player of the game on a number of further superlative stops.

Finally, after two hours and a half of play, Argentina’s stubborn resistance was broke and lastly conceded to the top sides of the Group D. Beth Mead’s demonic cross placed the ball in Jodie Taylor’s plate and her first objective since April 2018 was happily englished by the No9. Argentina’s final group match is a must-win now, advance England.

Argentina were played by England from the beginning, after a wonderful performance by goalkeeper Vanina Correa, remaining in the match in the second half. Again, in a game that will decide their future in the tournament the Albiceleste has not produced any opportunities for attack, something that needs to alter against Scotland.

England wanted an extensive test of their patience and their capacity to cope with frustrating circumstances, and they did so with Argentina’s implacable determination and admirable results. Phil Neville has had much to think about how to improve in front of Japan, and those who will face him in the last 16 are vicious and maybe take a leaf out in the Argentine guide to make an intrepid display. While England has three points, the display of Vanina Correa will remain in the heights of Group D.