Jamaica v Italy | Group Stage 2019

FIFA Women's World Cup | Stade Auguste-Delaune

Italy entered the hosts France and Germany as their three sides in the 16th round after only two games. Italy constructed on that performance with a commanding show to Jamaica’s debutants after shocking sixth-ranking Australia 2-1 in its opening matches. In the second half of her country, Cristiana Girelli wrote a hair trick for the women’s world cup, while Aurora Galli wrote a brace for her replacement. Italy’s head coach, Milena Bertolini, spoke about the team’s pleasure in qualifying this soon, while Jamaica’s coach Hue Menzies told the Caribbean country this was such a useful learning experience.

After a comfortable victory over Jamaica, Italy jumps to the top of Group C and next face Brazil where they are seeking at least a draw to secure their group finish in the first location.

Cristiana Girelli, who joined Cristiane (BRA) and Alex Morgan (USA), has been the third player to score a hat trick at France 2019. Cristiane’s also scored hers in Reims as Girelli, but Jamaica was also scored by Morgan.

“I have a hard time believing that I’ve scored three goals in a World Cup game; it’s extraordinary. But as my coach said, it’s pure joy for us to play together. When we win, it gives us a big jolt of energy. We’ve been together day-in day-out for two months. Most people who are in close quarters for that long may start beating each other, but we don’t, we get along really well.”
Cristiana Girelli, Player of the Match

Italy’s victory over Jamaica is now its best Women’s World Cup outcome in the 1991 Chinese Taipei 5-0 victory.

The team promised to concentrate and not underestimate their adversaries in the match and they were true to their words. Just as focused on defense, as they were on attack, they did not allow Jamaica to reach them quickly and earnestly. A hat trick starts after a repetition of penalties and Aurora Galli’s bracelet, but every player who appears on the pitch is worth a’ 10′ rating. Their rating was a Cristiana Girelli.

If the world’s 53rd-ranked squad gets the 15th, you can expect only a higher fight. And this play has been playing out like that. Jamaica struggled to find its way back after two objectives were dropped. They were defensively shaky and failed to monitor the center of the field and create favorable links to the future. Ultimately, in the first two games the team could not discover that winning mix. So far, Menzies has used 17 outfield players out of 20 with the only players who did not play are Patterson, Hudson-Marks and Shim. The correct group or mixture of players must yet be found to bridge the gap with higher ranks. Australia is next and Jamaica does not have much time to make it correct. The debut of the team has been on a curve to date. Jamaica’s going to finally get it right in the near future, perhaps not this game.