Source: Jessie Ware

“Free Yourself” drop from Jessie Ware

British Pop

Jessie teased it for long enough, Free Yourself is now out and all yours to listen to.

It’s the beginning of a new era, and it seems Jessie felt only right to start off with this song made with the phenomenal Stuart Price and Coffee.

Upon release, the reaction was obvious. So many messages and comments from people being so thrilled Jessie was working with Stuart. Jessie says of Stuart Price, “excellent, great fun and still loves his disco”.

“This track is for everyone, and at the risk of sounding incredibly cliché, I’ve never felt more free with my music. I’m loving the world you have helped me create and I feel empowered and confident. So, thank you. I can’t wait to perform it to you, for us all to free ourselves and to have a bloody good time.
– Jessie Ware

With four BRIT-nominations plus a Mercury Prize nomination and three top-ten albums under her belt, Jessie has proven her status as one of the UK’s most influential artists. Her return with the dancefloor ready ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ feels like an artist in control while capturing the essence of nostalgia to keep the spirit of clubbing music alive.


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