IGTV: Instagram takes on YouTube

One Billion Can't Be Wrong

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In 2012, Facebook spent a billion of chump change on Instagram. It was a long term investment that has resulted in the photo sharing network booming worldwide. In fact it has reached a major milestone, the app now has 1 billion users.

One. Billion.

For the anniversary, the Facebook subsidiary now presents a completely new app for the billion to enjoy – IGTV.

According to their analytics, 1 billion people worldwide now actively use the photo based app and check it for new pictures of friends and celebrities at least once in a given month. 9 million users use the Instagram app in Australia alone, 120 million in the States and 23 million in the UK.

Instagram is growing market share in social media faster than ever before: If the numbers are correct, the Facebook subsidiary has been able to gain well over 200 million new users since the end of 2017.

The company, tuning their success, has been trying for some time to expand the photo network with new features. One idea… Instagram introduced the IGTV app with which the Facebook subsidiary now wants to challenge YouTube.

With the IGTV app, users will be able to create and view video recordings with a length of up to 60 minutes. Until now, individual videos on Instagram were limited to a maximum of 60 seconds.

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