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Interview with Zamir Zuriel

ZZ’s Goals To Reach The Top Of The Wrestling World

Zamir Zuriel is a young upstart professional wrestler out of the WWA4. At just the age of 21 and a little over a year into his career Zamir has already earned himself a championship. 

With his family coming from Jérémie, Haiti, Zamir is extremely proud to represent his Haitian heritage and is the first ever champion in WWA4 of Haitian descent in company history. His fandom for wrestling started when he was six years old after his mother pushed him into watching, as she wanted him to have something for himself to enjoy since he was raised growing up around predominantly girls in the family.

Who were some of your favourite wrestlers growing up that made you a fan? 

“I have three that come to mind. Rob Van Dam, he’s the first wrestler I remember watching as a kid and could never wrap my head around how he could do what he did and still does. The Miz, who I believe he’s one of the greatest heels of all time and definitely one of the best on the microphone. He is my dream match! The other is AJ Lee, she made me fall in love with women’s wrestling. Everything from her move set, character, selling, and her legacy, she was the full package then and now.” 

Early on he never really thought about becoming a professional wrestler, it was his eldest brother who was the one considering going down that path. It wouldn’t be until Zamir was playing WWE2K14 one day when he first got the idea that maybe he could do it if he tried. Later decided to pursue it and looked at getting into a wrestling school. 

Zamir’s journey to becoming a professional wrestler began at the World Wrestling Alliance 4 (WWA4) Training Facility in Atlanta, Georgia, under the guidance of veteran AR Fox.

Established in 1995, WWA4 teaches everything from mat wrestling to lucha libre, working on promos, announcing, refereeing, managing and valeting. Also helps get their students in the best shape possible with a free weight area for training.

What made you decide to start your training at WWA4? 

“I checked out multiple wrestling schools and had originally planned to join one before going to WWA4. But honestly that school didn’t feel like home or didn’t feel right for me at all. So I was a little undecided on what my next step was. Then one day I decided to give it another go and join WWA4. I still remember my first day like it was yesterday. It was pouring down rain and I ran inside soaked. But, I was immediately met with kindness and almost instantly got invited into the ring.

Training at WWA4 is honestly the best decision I could’ve made. It’s all because of AR Fox, he’s the greatest trainer alive. Can’t thank him enough! My first day was rolls, hitting the ropes, and bumping. It took me close to a month and a half to learn how to properly bump. It’s been uphill ever since, I am constantly learning and improving at what I believe is the best wrestling around.”

With over two decades of success, WWA4 is highly regarded as one of the best wrestling schools in the world and has produced some of the best athletes in professional wrestling today. Athletes such as Apollo Crews, AC Mack, Leon Ruff, Liam Gray, Adrian Alanis, Lee Johnson, Shawn Dean, Moose, Alex Kane, Jonathan Gresham, and Austin Theory.

Credit: Instagram/@zzwwa4

Now Zamir Zuriel hopes he can be yet another student of WWA4 to go onto great success in his career.

How did you come out feeling after making your debut with all the hard work and training you had put in?

“I felt that everything was perfect and went exactly to plan for my debut. It was amazing to be in the ring with two supremely talented wrestlers in their own right. My debut was a triple threat match with Ash Bennet and Takuri. It was fantastic!”

July 31, 2021, marked exactly one year since his first match and the start of his professional wrestling journey. Since then, he has grown & developed as an athlete. So much so that he earned his first championship within 12 months. Currently holding the WWA4 Internet Championship after winning a Four way Ladder match against Kurt Kurtavius, Rico Gonzales, Karoline and AR Fox on June 10th, 2021.

Who are some of your influences that you like to base your style of wrestling off?

“AR Fox for obvious reasons. Outside of him being my trainer, he’s the best independent wrestler of all time in my opinion. He has done so much for professional wrestling and for the future of the business in ways that are unexplainable and I doubt will be replicated. 

Masato Yoshino is another. The first Japanese wrestler I truly studied. He was an incredible talent. When I saw that he retired recently it broke my heart. But he is amazing and has inspired me to not only move differently in the ring, but helped me see that I can do more than just be a “basic” wrestler.”

Zamir Zuriel is extremely dedicated and determined to succeed in professional wrestling and has already come so far in a short period of time. Through his work ethic and commitment he will only get better. With his talent and potential, expect to see more of Zamir Zuriel bringing positivity, smiles and happiness to the world of wrestling in the years ahead.


Looking ahead, what are some of the goals for Zamir Zuriel?

“I have a few goals I would like to achieve. Firstly, I would want to touch one person with the true love of God and bring one person to get to know him through me. Next, would be to get an opportunity with the WWE or AEW someday. But most importantly, to make AR Fox proud with every match I have. He’s the greatest of all time and I’m one of his kids. I’m in his second class of students. I need to prove to him and to myself that he made the right decision by putting all the time, effort, passion, and so much more into not just me but in all of us in our class.”

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