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The Juggernaut Is Second To None!

Known as “Juggernaut” after watching an X-Man movie and reading up on the backstory of the Juggernaut character. DeJuan decided that the name was the right fit for him and has used the backstory as a metaphor, in that no matter what you go through, you can rise above it.

Born in Boston, MA, DeJuan’s love and passion for professional wrestling began at the age of five after watching a 60 Minute Iron Man match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart.
A natural and pure athlete, DeJuan played various sports during high school. Following college, he served the United States as a US Navy Sailor to where he began training and attending seminars to be a professional wrestler in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and has been on the road ever since.

Instilled with qualities such as discipline and professionalism from being part of the Navy, not only have those qualities benefited him personally but also in the professional wrestling business. His athletic background and dedication along with the desire for success pushed him past any and all physical limitations during the early stages of his journey to become a professional wrestler.
Studying and learning ring psychology from watching the work of the likes of Shane Strickland, Lio Rush and Cedric Alexander. Juggernaut patterns his move set after people such as Bobby Lashley, Batista and Apollo Crews. He is a talent who would have phenomenal matches with performers such as ACH, Shane Strickland, Sammy Guevara, Lio Rush and Cedric Alexander.

Juggernaut is an unbelievable talent, who always gives it 100% every night for the fans. He has an unlimited amount of potential and always continues to learn and get better after every single match. “The Juggernaut” is a name that will be known all over the wrestling world for years to come, don’t be surprised to see him competing in companies like New Reality Pro Wrestling, WrestleCircus, DEFY, ROH and NJPW. DeJuan “The Juggernaut” O’Neal is certainly second to none!

Pro Wrestling

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