Karen Gillan to appear in 'Selfie' Pilot

Karen Gillan could be making a return back to your television. I know for a fact there are some of you who watched Dr. Who purely because she was on it. Now you have another show to watch “just for the story”.
Gillan has been reportedly cast as the protagonist role in the pilot ‘Selfie’ on ABC (USA) which is created by Emily Kapnek who also gave us Suburbgatory.
Based on ‘My Fair Lady’, the comedy centers on a self-obsessed Eliza Dooley in her 20’s who would rather have ‘likes’ than actually being liked.
Not much about the show has been released further than that, but in the pilot aa plot will be set via the story of her image crushing breakup which goes viral on the net. She engages the help of a marketing professional at the company she works for to help repair her damaged image.
Check your listings and find out when you can view the new series pilot.


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