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Mum takes on Fortnite

14 year old cheater sued by Epic Games

Game developer Epic Games has sued a 14-year-old allegedly using fraud software in Fortnite. The mother of the teenager reacts with a three-page letter in which she lets out the rage.

Cheaters; a breed of gamer that has existed since the dawn of time. Through bots, trainers, exploits or other tools, they gain such an advantage that makes them gods among us mortals still trying to work out the controls. Some people play to win and don’t feel the pleasure of giving the game a go in the way it was intended and thus their existence remains.

Sure you can catch them in the act and enforce bans, suspensions or another form of wrist slapping… but some cheaters create a new account after a permaban, with which they just cheat again. Some people just don’t learn. For this reason, the computer game developer Epic Games now takes legal action and has sued players… allegedly.

The common faction in the latest round of bans are said to have used a so-called Aimbot in the action game “Fortnite”, which is a software that gives you perfect aim every time. That violates Epic’s terms of use. Not bad enough? The defendants act as a moderator for a cheat forum so are considered to be distributing this software which violates the agreement.

This is really bad; legally really bad. In the event of a conviction it is going to cost them $150,000 US dollars each. Yes, really.

As it turned out, one of the cheaters is just 14 years old. What does a teenager often do at an age when he is in danger of being in trouble with the law? Call out for Mum of course.

And when she got wind of it, she let the rage unleash on her keyboard resulting in a three-page letter that Torrentfreak published.

Among other things, she writes that she had not even given consent for her underage son “Fortnite” may play – another requirement under the terms of use. She believes the company is using her child as a scapegoat. On top of that he was not involved in the programming of the cheat software which Epic Games is claiming he did. She also accused Epic Games officials of breaking the law because they had published their son’s name – a big big no-no in most countries.

So far, the company has not responded to the mother’s letter. There doesn’t seem to be much of a worry, you can’t be sued in the United States so Epic Games is likely to drop the lawsuit.

Even if they could, Mum’s probably not the word…

Image Source: Jamie McInall via Pexels

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