Facebook Messenger: The Data Vampire

When Autoplay Attacks

The Facebook Messenger popular. Very popular. Known for a while as the missing link of communication between iOS and Android devices, the long convenient app filled the much needed void of interplatform messaging that not even Skype could fill.

But now, especially in countries where data caps are still a thing, there is a cause of concern.

For the sake of money, Facebook Messenger has become a data hungry beast.

Australia and Europe both really like using Whatsapp, but running just behind in numbers many people still use Facebook’s Messenger chat app. It makes sense, it’s connected to Facebook and everyone is on Facebook right?

Girl calling on a data-less phone.

You might need to call instead to save data.
Image Source: Lisa Fotios via Pexels

But much like Facebook the app has begun rolling out a “feature” – video advertisement.

Not only video advertisement… but automatic… autoplaying… with sound Advertisement…

Annoying? Yes, but not just because watching a movie trailer for a flick you have no interest in playing for the fourth time but also because of the big usage of data it demands for video streaming.

Autoplay can be disabled (apparently) but for the casual user this could be the biggest data hog since your neighbour ‘borrowed’ your Wi-Fi.

Will this be enough for you to ditch Messenger? Let us know!

Image Source: Moose Photos via Pexels.