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NAIDOC 2022 Entries Open

Celebrating empowered Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples in their communities and beyond

Do you know someone who has empowered Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples in their communities and beyond? Who has promoted Indigenous issues in the wider community? Or who has shown excellence in their chosen field?

The National NAIDOC Awards celebrate these outstanding contributions across ten award categories:

  • 2022 National NAIDOC Person Award
  • 2022 National NAIDOC Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2022 National NAIDOC Female Elder Award
  • 2022 National NAIDOC Male Elder Award
  • 2022 National NAIDOC Sportsperson Award
  • 2022 National NAIDOC Youth Award
  • 2022 National NAIDOC Creative Talent Award
  • 2022 National NAIDOC Caring for Country and Culture Award
  • 2022 National NAIDOC Education Award
  • 2022 National NAIDOC Innovation Award

Nominate them now for the 2022 National NAIDOC Awards.

Award nominations close Monday 11 April 2022 (11:59PM AEST)

Click here to check out last years winners, including Samara Fernandez‐Brown (pictured above); a proud Warlpiri woman from Yuendumu, located three hours north-west of Alice Springs.

Samara is an incredible advocate for her people and has become a social justice activist following the shooting and death of her cousin, Kumanjayi Walker in 2019. She has become a vocal activist, coordinating the “Justice For Walker” campaign, liaising between Warlpiri Elders and the police, judicial system and the media, organising rallies, fundraising to cover the case’s legal fees all while remaining a peaceful, thoughtful and impassioned spokesperson for her family, community and the broader deaths in custody movement.

She is a board member of the Dhadjowa Foundation, a national grassroots organisation that’s been established to provide strategic, coordinated and culturally appropriate support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families whose loved ones have died in custody.

Completing her schooling in Adelaide, she is now studying a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of South Australia. After graduating, she’s hoping to use these skills to help young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people overcome ingrained disadvantage and realise their inherent resilience and strength.


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