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Out of Hibernation

To say the least, it’s been a while…
A long while…
I’ve recently set a goal for myself to start writing again. I have some stories to share with you, the FNX Network audience, so atleast once a month you can gather to hear them from me. But first, for those who have yet to meet me…

Grant Barret, Wikimedia Commons

Hi, I’m Christina.
If you’ve read my previous blogs, I told you all I’m a teacher in training (or studying to complete my degree). I am now a full time working Early Childhood Teacher. I also travel. I absolutely love both and wish teaching paid more to fund my travels.
Here’s a quick run down of my previous couple of years while I’ve been on hiatus here at FNX;

REDy to Wiggle.

First though – Here’s a blurry photo of me at my graduation curtesy of my dad. Yes, that is Murray THE original red Wiggle, who graduated with the same degree at the same Uni 20+ years prior.
I was lucky enough to finish Uni with a teaching position.
This place was FANTASTIC!
But I was covering a maternity position. Alas, before my time was up I was offered a full-time position in a place where the pay was good, the people were lovely and the service had great potential. So on I went.
I am strong believer of; if I do not feel that I have grown or learnt anything in a year, I am in the wrong place. My year was coming to an end and I knew I was in the wrong place. This was a hard decision to come to and I think I buried my head in the sand for several months, as I had made such great friends, but it was time for me to leave.

Lisandro M. Enrique, Flickr.

Just as I was ready to spruce up my resume, I received an email. An email from the first service that I covered the maternity leave position, asking ME where I was at in my career and if I’d consider coming back as there is a full-time position available. Without hesitation, I accepted the offer.
Here I am a year later working for this lovely service, with even better educators, families and children for the past 13 months. A position that provided me with an opportunity to travel to JAPAN for 3 MONTHS as a teaching assistant intern where I made lifelong friends and memories.

Osaka festival lanterns.

Here’s a quick snap that I took at a festival in Osaka.
I’ll wrap it up here, otherwise I could go on forever.
Stay tuned for my experiences of Japan.

Creative Writing

Christina is a Cypriot-Australian with an interest in sports and humanities.

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