Sweden v USA | Group Stage 2019

FIFA Women's World Cup | Stade Océane

They finished the team phase without conceding a single objective for the first moment in the history of the US Women’s World Cup. On the other hand, for the most objectives in a single group phase they entered the record with 18. The defending champions are obviously the squad to beat in France, and those set the pace as they cross a mental obstacle to defeat Sweden’s long-term rivals. With one eye on their level knocking game, Sweden has created some adjustments to its starting roster, which they now understand will be Canada. A session with Spain was organized by the USA.

In all 10 of her women’s World Cup final games the USA head coach has been unsaturated with a record of nine victories and a draw.

It is obviously unfortunate that Sweden lost its game, but they will be pleased with their defensive game which stopped the United States from gaining greater profit. The 16th round is next, and now everything really begins.

Today was intended to be Sweden’s large experiment but it still is a bit difficult to tell where the squad lies when Gerhardsson chose to take a few turns in the beginning of 11 in order to maintain his teams prepared and fresh for the 16th round. Captain Caroline Seger also took off at an early stage. Veteran Linda Sembrant demonstrated her expertise and a powerful defense efficiency, but the Swedes, which could not maintain up with the Americans, found it very hard to achieve two early objectives each quarter. Nevertheless, they will be pleased to finish in the 16th round and excited to see what this squad really is from for the knock-out stage to the star.

After the Sweden which was certainly their hardest group contest, the United States finished at the top of group F. The fight was physical and quick and the US tried but also trusts as it held on to a hard Swedish side and scored two objectives.

Image: Kane Oosty/FIFA