Thailand v Chile | Group Stage 2019

FIFA Women's World Cup | Roazhon Park

The Crescendo achieved in Rennes will be beaten at a competition which has already seen its reasonable share in the spectacular finals. In order to achieve a knockout stage of their initial World Cup women’s stage, Chile needed a three-goal margin for win. After fighting to overcome the brave Thai defense, they took the next 2-0. Then less than five minutes left were given a punishment.

Francisca Lara, one of the more skilled teams in Camp La Roja, hit the place kick against the crossbar at a time that is being ruthlessly repeated over and over. Chile can not rank more and Group A third place Nigeria, thanks to its superior goal difference, has now reached the last 16 instead. Chile and the Thais are both leaving France high in spirits. The future of women’s football is sure to be better for their worldwide attempts in their respective countries.

The USA are bottom of Sweden, which they have beaten this afternoon, with a 100 percent record. Chile recorded its first World Cup win for women, though it was not enough to view it as one of the greatest three-placed parties. Chile won the World Cup for women. Instead, Nigeria reaches the last 16, with three finishes in Group A, but a difference of -2.

Although Chabakaew showed his combat spirit and never gave up until his final whistle was blown, Thailand’s opportunity to advance to the 16th run became almost impossibly after the Cameroons defeat New Zealand before midnight. Two mistakes in the second quarter unfortunately led to another loss in 2019 in France. They always have this joyous time against Sweden and today the audience in Rennes congratulate them for their attempts.

Chile was able to fight for a women’s knockout World Cup qualification until the very last time in its world finale, from being eliminated from the FIFA / Coca-Cola World classification. In 3 years, all of it. It’s disastrous because they had the clearest opportunity of winning the ultimate final punishment on Lara’s feet. However, today their attempts will not be overlooked. They attempted to compete with their greatest strength and proved that they can compete with the finest. They’re back in Chile with the correct assistance and development. You can be sure of that.

Image: Kane Oosty/FIFA