The Inspiring Rise Of Alex Mendoza

After eight years living in Dubai, Alex Mendoza and his family moved to Australia. Alex found it difficult to settle in at school, suffering from bullying and being treated differently. Through everything his dream remained to become a sponsored athlete, work for well established brands, all whilst also working for himself. 

All the adversity, led him to grow tired of being made fun of and decided to make changes. After many years of hard work to try better himself, Alex decided to take a risk to pursue his passion in both fitness and content creation. Within 12 months, Alex was able to realise his dreams and make them a reality. Proving that with sacrifice comes great reward.

From earning a bachelors in design, to becoming an online fitness coach, and a highly sought after model and face for various brands such as; Tarocash, Stateside Sports, Culture Kings, BSC, Jed North and many more. As well as becoming an official athlete and ambassador for popular brand DoYouEven. Alex has fastly become a great success story. However the ultimate goal for him is to earn financial freedom.

Being unfairly treated like an outcast, alienated and physically abused by students at school, Alex was left struggling with self-confidence, anxiety, and feeling socially awkward. He would find it challenging to order food, speak in public places and perform any form of social interaction. For far too long he was even ashamed of who he was and how he looked. So much so, he grew out his hair just so he could cover his eyes and ears, because it “made him look Asian.” Which was a phrase he would get said to him a lot at school.

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Sick of being belittled and constantly disrespected because of his ethnicity and physical appearance. Alex used that negativity as his motivation and would find ways to help carry himself with his head high and be proud of his individuality. 

As stressed and anxious as he was, he put in over six years of work on his personal development. Doing everything he could to get him out of his comfort zone as much as possible by saying yes to any challenging opportunity that came his way. He would even turn to YouTube to try to help him feel more comfortable in public, with tips on fashion, hair, shoes and how to talk and interact with people. As well as, advice on dieting and fitness. Knowing that there’s always room for growth both physically and mentally, Alex still finds ways to improve himself to this day. 

Even though it was extremely scary for him to even try due to not knowing what the future would hold, Alex still chose to follow his love for creating content. A love that all began by creating his own gaming channel on YouTube in 2012 would later lead to him graduating from the University Technology of Sydney with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications.

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His versatile design skills, abilities, and adaptability has earned him a long list of loyal clients. Helping to develop their online presence and assist with content development through effective delivery, consistent performance, and independence. His list of clients include local and ecommerce-based businesses, such as Gym Roos, Anytime Fitness, Brund, and many more.

He would later decide to expand on his artistic talents, creating a series of polygon reconstruction of various artists. The idea came after his brother wanted to purchase posters of his favourite artists, however felt that they were overpriced for their quality. Alex has since started selling his polygon reconstruction work, which you can check out here;

Though the path came with struggle and sacrifices, days that would make him feel like giving up and the late and lonely evenings with emotional and physical drainage. Alex was able to turn one passion into a full-time job alongside another in online coaching.

His passion and love for fitness and well-being began back in 2015, idolising the likes of Jeremy Buendia, Jeff Seid and Frank Zane. Wanting to learn as much as he could, but still not trying to compare himself to them. He would constantly remind himself that social media as a whole is just a highlight reel and doesn’t paint the entire picture of the individual. After training for over the past seven years, it was August of 2020 when Alex decided to start his own online fitness coaching program called IAMFIT. 

Since starting the program, he has helped well over 50 individuals transform and reshape their entire lives. His program is always based around the individual client. With each client getting a custom tailored plan created specifically for them that works around their goals and lifestyle.

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 Always considerate of the client’s mental strength and psychology, Alex constantly provides advice, knowledge and motivation. As well as, weekly check-in calls, originally scheduled for 15 to 30 minutes but often end up being hours worth of conversation. Showing genuine enjoyment and passion hearing their experiences and listening to the shift of confidence through their tonality.

As a coach, He cares and builds relationships with his clients. Reformulating their perspective and thought process with the belief that self-talk and having a positive mindset is crucial in the beginning when first creating those fundamental habits.

In July of 2021, Alex would officially reach another goal of his, by becoming a sponsored athlete and ambassador for the worldwide brand DoYouEven.

Due to popular demand from his Tik-Tok audience Alex has since released his first E-book on the 6th of September. Designed to be a stepping stool to help you start your fitness journey, his E-book entitled “Gainer” is now available for $25.

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The E-book consists of the following:

  • How calculate, record and manage both your Macros and Calories
  • Which apps are best to use to track your caloric intake
  • 10 Week Training Program
  • Supplementation Assistance
  • Meal Plan Example
  • Addresses Frequently Asked Questions
  • Diet Planner Template
  • Progress Journal
  • 3-Day, 4-Day, 5-Day and 6-Day Training Split
  • And so much more! 

You can purchase “Gainer” here:

Showing that experiences are what you make of it and turning it into an opportunity to reflect and see improvement in some failures. Made the changes necessary to better himself, build a better character and learnt how to be happy being himself. Alex Mendoza is an inspiring individual.

Suffering through years of adversity, he chose to put the work in to improve himself and his situation. All whilst, remaining humble and treating everyone with respect. By not letting others dictate the way he lives his life, he took the opportunities that were given to him, not knowing where they would lead him. Focusing on constantly bettering himself and making his dreams his reality, Alex continues to do what makes him happy and what he loves to do, with the ultimate goal of financial freedom always in mind. 

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