The iPhone 6S is on it's way

The new top smartphone of the company has a promising Force-touch display (with the new 3D touch function), a more powerful processor, better cameras, and consist of very flexural strength aluminum. On devices running iOS 9 they still haven’t raised in storage capacities, the price however has.

Force-Touch/3D Touch brings context to Apps

The most exciting new feature is the 3D touch (or Force-touch as many other manufacturers call it) display of the iPhone 6s – the screen resolution, Apple has not changed but that is to be expected since this is not a number change. The 4.7″ screen recognizes three different levels of pressure: a normal light touch, a slight pressure and a firmer pressure. This activates the app, submenus or whatever functionality the developer has made for the app.
A medium strength pressure in Messenger on a link, for example; indicates the location in the map or the website; in the Mail app to open as a preview of the message; in the photo app an image or video preview.
On the home screen a medium-strength pressure touch to an app will prompt a context menu to be brought up. Dropbox is about already on board so it seems developers have been ready for this feature.
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Siri listens more and answers more smartly

An update is also available for the voice-activated assistant Siri, which now constantly listening and can be activated via “Hey, Siri” even without the previous requirement of needing to be plugged in.

#Bendgate is over

Another promising approach is the new housing material of the iPhone 6s. Apple used a particularly hard hit impact capable alumninum. In a preliminary test, the case could make its outstanding strength already demonstrated. No more #Bendgate here!

Faster everything.

Apple will use the iPhone 6s with the new A9 CPU, the chip is significantly more powerful than previous generations. Apple promises 70 percent more CPU and 90 percent more graphics performance.
For those wondering what their SIM card is in store for, it comes with LTE-Advanced – up to 300 Mbits per second. Apple has also favoured AC over N WiFi.

Photogenic? Smile!

12-megapixel photos (instead of the previous 8 megapixels) is now an iPhone reality. The iPhone camera on the 6s has 50 percent more pixels than its predecessor. The manufacturer has not revised just the amount of pixels but also the image sensor and recording technology, the image noise even in low light should be extremely low than before. The camera can also create 60 megapixel panorama photos. I’m looking forward to that!
4K Video recording is a thing now and Apple has jumped on the bandwagon… We will be interested to see the battery life during such recording as even the Sony Xperia’s suffer from recording in such high res. The Frontcam resolution Apple has finally raised from 1.2 to a reasonable 5 megapixels. Apple has brought back the LCD screen flash to assist in low light selfies.
Apple uses 3D Touch also for a photo trick: push on a photo and get a short video from the shooting moment… recreate that moment when you took that awesome photo… good for the memories I suppose. This feature is not new and can be found in HTC’s line of phones.
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New Features… At a Cost

Not going to lie… the cost is up.
For a 16GB (yes this size is apparently still a thing) model it will cost upwards from $649, 64GB from $749 and finally $849 will get you 128GB all in your choice of the familiar dark gray, silver and gold, and now also in new rose gold.

How long to wait?

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can be preordered from the 12th of September. The release date is 25 September.


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