AACTA, 2024 Ceremony.
AACTA, 2024 Ceremony.

AACTA Nominations 2024 announced

Australia's Big and Small Screen Night of Nights

The 2024 AACTA Awards nominees have just been unveiled, and let me tell you, it’s exciting!

Presented by Foxtel, these awards are all about celebrating the absolute best in Aussie film, TV, documentaries, and online productions. And let me tell ya, this year’s lineup is as bonza as it gets.

We’re talkin’ about top-notch shows like The Newsreader, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, Colin from Accounts, and Deadloch, leading the pack with a bunch of nominations each. And in the film department, we’ve got The New Boy, Talk to Me, and Shayda stealing the spotlight.

Now, let’s give a fair go to our comedy scene, because it’s had a blinder of a year! Fisk, Gold Diggers, Upright, and Utopia, alongside Colin From Accounts and Deadloch, are all vying for the title of Best Narrative Comedy Series. And can we talk about the talent in the Best Acting in a Comedy category? She’s a real corker with names like Patrick Brammall, Harriet Dyer, and Kitty Flanagan showing us what true Aussie talent looks like.

But hold onto your Akubras, folks, ’cause the competition for Best Film is a real nail-biter. Warwick Thornton’s The New Boy, starring none other than the legendary Cate Blanchett, is leading the charge with a whopping 12 nominations. And let’s not forget Talk to Me, the debut film from Danny and Michael Philippou, hot on its heels with 11 nods.

We’re talking arvo awards on Thursday, February 8th, followed by the Official After Party presented by Screen Queensland. And then, mate, mark your calendars for the big shebang on Saturday, February 10th.

The AACTA Festival is bringing together over 70 events from February 8th to 11th at the Home of the Arts (HOTA) on the Gold Coast. A huge celebration of everything Aussie film and TV, with panels, meet-and-greets, screenings, and heaps more.

And hey, if you wanna have your say, keep an eye out for the AACTA Audience Choice Awards starting in December. You can vote for your faves on social media, whether it’s your top Aussie film, TV show, or even your favourite actors.

So, here’s to our Aussie screen industry and all the legends behind it. Let’s raise a glass (or a tinny) to the 2024 AACTA Awards.


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