Breakaway, Upcoming Australian Band

Breakaway is a rock/pop band originating from Sydney, Australia. They started out in March 2012 and have five members; Sam Biland (vocals), Rich Mammoliti (guitar), Michael (miki) Bonic (guitar), Mitch Borton (bass) and Matt McNeil (drums). Their first EP ‘One Minute One Moment’ was released by Electric Sun Studios both Digitally and Physically. Following this release of ‘One Minute One Moment’ they released a debut video clip called ‘Here I Am’ as well as playing gigs for their fans.
‘One Minute One Moment’ features six tracks:

  1. At The World’s End
  2. Scream
  3. The Bitter Truth
  4. Here I Am
  5. Memories
  6. The Bitter Truth (feat. Kevin Schultz of The Bride)

The first track, ‘At The Worlds End’ is an edgy song that is about wondering where their loved one is when everything goes wrong. ‘Scream’ is a about those moments where all you feel is pain and isolation, but this track somehow can bring you back from that darkness and back to life. ‘The Bitter Truth’ it seen twice in this EP, the second time features Kevin Schultz of The Bride. It is a song about seeing another side of the person you care about and getting hurt and having to say goodbye. The raw vocals really bring an emotional impact to the song. ‘Here I Am’ is a song about the strong bond between two people in love. It is very powerful through the chorus then softens through the verses to create a big impact in the chorus. ‘Memories’ is the sweet track from their EP. It is a very a soft song with the acoustic guitar and the heartfelt lyrics create my favourite song of the EP.

2013 was a big year for Breakaway as they completed their first ever Australian tour and released a second single called ‘At The World’s End’. It is a great song with an amazing music video set in post apocalyptic world. This matches their edgy vocals and sound. This Music Video was aired on National television and aired on nationwide radio.

With the determination fired by their successful Australian Tour, Breakaway hope to with international bands. Hopefully they can build up a great fan base in Australia and have the opportunity to go tour with National festivals like Vans Warped Tour or even go abroad!

Check out their personal Twitter profiles.

If you want to check Breakaway out for yourself, check the links below for their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Myspace and remember their EP and singles are available for purchase on the iTunes store!

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