Colbert to Replace Letterman

After Letterman announced his retirement on April 3, 2014, many names were thrown around as potential replacements for him.
Many expected Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson to take the reigns as a successor to Letterman, others thought Conan may switch away from TBS.
But from left field it seems, a man with a wildly popular show, great ratings, has been selected to jump ship and host the Legendary Late Show at the Ed O’Sullivan Theatre on Broadway.
Colbert’s impact, success and popularity cannot be denied. After breaking away from a role on the Daily Show in 2005. Colberts own show The Colbert Report has done it all it seems, from creating Youtube smash hit’s such as his singing and dancing mix of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, He also has kicked off his own presidential campaign which gained considerable traction.
Colbert has publicly stated he will not host the Late Show using his satirical right wing persona.
Colbert will take the reigns of the Late Show in 2015.


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