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Dance out the election with (G)I-DLE’s DUMDi DUMDi

K-Pop your Sunday

(G)I-DLE’s DUMDi DUMDi is the latest from the 6 members, released back in August 2020, the track is all about wanting more and the spirit of the unknown wild world out there. It is a great way to clear your thoughts from the dramatic American election.

Image Source: Cube

The video is much like a quick dramatic movie: Soyeon plays the trouble maker moving to another town but her car broke down half way; Miyeon is on the run after she killed her rich abusive husband; Yuqi takes the role of a cowgirl exploring for the sake of seeing things she has not seen before; Minnie plsyd a hippie living in her RV stopping over the motel; Soojin takes the role of the daughter of the hotel owner who’s looking for an adventure; Shuhua works at the diner but wants more than what this small town can offer.

This would make a wonderful anthem for an optimistic Australian Summer.

Comprised of Soyeon, Minnie, Miyeon, Yuqi, Soojin, and Shuhua, K-pop group (G)I-DLE were formed in early 2018 by Korean company Cube Entertainment. Incorporating influences from trap to disco, the group’s early output was vibrant, brought back to a K-pop center through infectious choruses and a distinct group dynamic. Alongside a debut at number 13 on the South Korean charts, the project found success on chart shows, winning both SBS MTV’s The Show and Mnet’s M Countdown the month of the EP’s release.

Image Source: Cube

Basing their name on the strong personalities in their six-woman roster, vibrant K-pop sextet (G)I-DLE burst into the industry in mid-2018 with a boundary-pushing approach to the genre’s typical formulas. After releasing the debut EP I Am in May 2018, the group secured a spot on collaborative digital band K/DA, where they flourished on the international scene with over half-a-billion streams worldwide. From there, it was a rapid climb to the top; finding consistent Top Ten hits and cleaning up at multiple awards ceremonies, (G)I-DLE quickly became one of the scene’s greatest prospects.


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