Sega Vs. Nintendo: The Movie

Holy side-scrollers FNX, here’s a movie we could all get behind. Sony is in process of creating a film about the 1990’s war between Sega and Nintendo.
No it won’t be like Super Mario Bros: The Movie (this could be a pro or con in your view) where Sonic is somehow added to the mix, but instead be more like The Social Network giving you a behind-the-facade look at the business.
The film itself will be based on Blake J. Harris’ retelling of a small and unorganised firm called Sega and it’s dream to take down the gaming giant Nintendo during the brutal era in games – the early 90’s.
Those involved are exactly who are needed for such an epic tale – the film adaptation will be under the guidance by Sony with the reigns given to Scott Rudin (famous for The Social Network and Moneyball) with director and writer roles filled by by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.
May 2013 saw, Sony register many domain names with relation to Console Wars, which left many wondering if it was Sony V Microsoft, Cartridge V CD-ROM or Pippin V Itself.
But to know the great rivalry of my childhood is being retold is a film I actually am anticipating.


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